Valeria Clarinetta Conte


Clarinetist, improviser, ethnomusicologist, composer, vocalist, designer.

Beside a great interest and experience in free improvisation, Valeria has a deep passion for Jewish and Eastern European musical traditions. Since 2006 she has been researching on Klezmer melodies, Yiddish songs and Hasidic singing repertoire, looking especially at the connection between music and culture. She has also been collaborating and cooperating with multicultural projects inspired or based on Middle-Eastern musical traditions.

She graduated in 2015 with the GLOMAS Master's degree in global music at the Royal Academy of Music of Aarhus/Aalborg, Denmark, after completing the Italian classical music education with a Bachelor's degree in 2010 from the Music Conservatory of Adria, ”A. Buzzolla”. In 2003 Valeria has also earned a Bachelor in applied textile arts at the Institute of Arts of Venice, Italy, cooperating then for a decade with Fiorella Gallery. She is currently working on her own design projects inspired by Jewish mysticism.

Valeria has taken part in several collaborations in Scandinavia, Europe, and Israel. She is actively working within the educational area as well as the performative one, especially within multicultural and multidisciplinary settings.

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Music & Me

Music has been my companion since I was 5 years old, and has determined all of my choices and travels across the World. My clarinet and I have been traveling through Italy, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Germany, UK, Spain, France, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia, Tanzania, Turkey, Israel, and Canada, embracing everything that Life could offer. What I learned from traveling is that judgement is the number one offender of communication, creativity and spontaneity. I understood that there are billions of Truths, and I always need to use as little filters than I can. I realized that, even though I grew up in a specific and defined culture, I can mirror myself and find common views in other human beings whom grew up on the other side of the planet.

In the past years, and thanks to the GLOMAS experience, I had fantastic opportunities to work with musicians coming from different cultural backgrounds. We searched for the best way to engage in the creative process together: overcoming boundaries, understanding limits, and recognizing the value of (any kind of) communication as the essential ingredient of a honest musical encounter. Most of the times, these encounters ended up in being meaningful, long-lasting friendships and professional collaborations.

I consider improvisation and free improvisation important tools for developing a connection, especially when following impulses of the present moment in a dialogical way, with authentic and open listening. I really enjoy performing in so-called sound painting ensembles, circus & theatre projects, as well as performing and working on graphic notation.

Photo by Aaro Keipi

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Ukrainer Khosidl & Rabinovich Bulgar - Vallila Klezmorim

About this track

Medley recorded at Kahvila Taikalamppu, Helsinki (FIN), with the Klezmer chamber music -like quartet, Vallila Klezmorim.

A Glezele Vayn - Duo Malvasia

About this track

"A Glass Of Wine", traditional klezmer khosidl. Born as a street-music project, Duo Malvasia widely performed in Italy and France (2006-2009) also in wider ensembles as, the Klezmer quartet 'NoSsE BaLenGhe' and the World music quintet 'Kumish!'. Veronica Canale at the accordion.

Primo Volo, in quota - Macchinisti

About this track

Excerpt from a live free improvisation performed in Mestre, July 2015, by Valeria Conte, Federico Della Puppa, Enrico Brion. Members of Macchinisti, project aimed in exploring communication through free improvisation and electronics.

Godfather's Tears - Sune & Valeria

About this track

Aka "This is how the Godfather's theme should have sound!" cit. Jens Sejeren - Original music composed by the long-term collaboration between Valeria Conte and Danish guitarist, Sune Pors.

Embrace Me - improvisation in E minor

About this track

Excerpt from an afternoon jam session with Icelandic guitar player Hörður Hermann Valsson, founder of the "Jammin' For Development" organization.

Geven Amol Mazl Tov - Duo Malvasia

About this track

Musical meditation on the Klezmer theme of "Khosn Kale Mazl Tov", recorded in a deconsecrated church in Venice as Duo Malvasia, with Veronica Canale at the accordion.

Kleyzness - Bewer Duo

About this track

Long-term collaboration with Norwegian pianist Harald Aamodt Aadland, extract from a concert at the Royal Academy of Music of Århus (DK) performed as Bewer Duo, mixing free improvisation and Klezmer/ Yiddish melodies.

Tantz Yidelech - Zadnja Minuta 4et

About this track

Extract from a concert at the RAMA Festival 2014, Århus (DK), where Zadnja Minuta 4et performed an original arrangement of the Klezmer tune known also as "Ma Yofus". The musicians accompanying Valeria on this track are now playing under the name of UMPAS.

Photo by Mirosław Trześniowski

Valeria Conte's Collaborations


I am used to working on short notice. I can prepare a concert also within a couple of weeks, with a few focused rehearsals. I am used to remote working with recordings and, if present, written scores. If needs be, I am available to move for short or long periods wherever a project is taking life. For remote work I am familiar with tools such as Skype, Garage Band, and Audacity.

Here I am!

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