From the rusty sound of wandering Jewish Eastern-European fingers recorded in the late '20s VALLILA KLEZMORIM emerges and proposes almost forgotten Klezmer melodies searching for authenticity within the spirited ornaments and rhythms.

VALLILA KLEZMORIM is made up by an Italian clarinetist and three Finnish musicians (violin, accordion, double bass) sharing a deep passion for playing Klezmer music. The four musicians first met at the monthly Helsinki Klezmer Jam Sessions and felt in love with each other's sound and musicality. They embrace traditional Klezmer repertoire, aiming to imitate the authentic sound and expressivity of the style, yet interplaying with a contemporary and playful approach. They love to invite the audience to join them in singing along beautiful melodies, and when the space allows it, they lead Klezmer dances too. Their repertoire is made up by traditional and original Klezmer tunes, Yiddish and Hebrew folk songs and Hasidic nigunim (melodies).

Valeria Conte: clarinet, vocal
Anti Korhola: violin
Juska Ojajärvi: accordion
Philip Holm: double bass

VALLILA KLEZMORIM is actively performing and touring at least twice a year in Finland in cooperation with Konserttikeskus, Music Centre Finland, bringing Klezmer musical culture to Finnish schools.