Hevruta BeMusika is an artistic performance which combines hevruta methodology with an intellectually creative process.

Inspired by Valeria Conte's Aleph Bet Vision Project, the performance is the elaboration in music of a discussion over Jewish texts led by the musicians as part of the rehearsals time. Made up by three female professionals bringing their own expertise in the genres of Klezmer, Arabic-Jazz, and Gypsy-Roma music and bringing them together through improvisation and original compositions inspired by the discussion over the texts. A limited number of rules on how to improvise and compose extempore is set with the aim of creating musical performances.

Hevruta BeMusika

Valeria Conte: clarinet
Lotta-Maria Pitkänen: violin
Isabel Douglass: accordion

The trio presented their first work based on the kabbalistic "Tu B'Shvat Seder" at Limud Helsinki 2020 which was described by the audience as an "all-encompassing experiential musical Tu Bishvat performance".

They will premiere new material on March 22nd, 2020 at Stallet Världens Music in Stockholm, Sweden.

The three musicians met during their GLOMAS Master's studies at the Royal Academy of Music of Århus/Aalborg, Denmark, and Sibelius Akatemia, Finland. Since then they have developed a deep friendship and collaborated in various musical projects, performing in the Nordic countries in which they respectively reside.